5 Reasons I Upgraded My TV #HaierAmbassador #ad

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Is your TV due for an upgrade? I just upgraded to a Haier 40″ LED TV and I wanted to share how my family is benefiting from our new TV. I didn’t realize how a TV upgrade could do so much! Thanks to Haier for giving me a new TV, my family will save money, space, my sanity, the Game Room and our Date Nights!

1.  Save Money

By upgrading to a new Haier LED TV, we are improving our home entertainment experience. The upgrade will help us spend less money at the movie theater and on Date Nights. We setup the new TV in our Game Room which previously had an 18-year-old television that we could only use for watching VHS tapes on. By upgrading our TV, my family now has access to our entire entertainment library (DVDs and games) in the Game Room. Being able to access movies and games in a second room in the house will help us get more out of the movies and games we own already! My hope is that we’ll also be less tempted to invest in a new game system because my kids have better access to the one we own.

2.  Save Space

It seems crazy that a larger TV would actually save us space in the Game Room – but our 40″ Haier TV does save us space! With it’s thin profile (the screen is less than 3 inches deep) we were able to set it on top of our old entertainment center. Since we previously never had anything sitting on top of the entertainment center, this freed up the space where the old TV used to sit inside the entertainment center. That space is now used for game controllers, games and other gaming accessories. The rest of the entertainment center is filled with books. To create open shelves for kids books, we removed the glass and wood doors from the entertainment center to create bookshelves.

3.  Save My Sanity

Having two TVs means no more fights over which movie we’re watching or who gets to use the game system! We moved our game system from the Living Room to the Game Room because the kids use the game system the most. We can also watch two different movies at the same time – the kids can watch their movie upstairs while my husband and I watch our movie downstairs. Of course we still love watching family movies all together – but it’s so nice to have the flexibility to be able to watch two different movies at the same time.

DIY Entertainment Center Curtain #HaierAmbassador #ad

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4.  Save My Game Room

The Game Room used to be the room that nobody spent time in. All of the board games and books are in the Game Room, but it was more like a storage room because my kids would go there to get what they needed, then go to a different room to play a game or read a book. Once in awhile the kids would watch a VHS movie, but they were frustrated that the old TV couldn’t do anything else! With our new Haier TV we have lots of entertainment options. We have hooked up our DVD player and game system to our new TV.  I like having an HDMI input and I’m using it to connect our DVD player to the TV. In the future, we can also connect it to cable, a computer, a mobile device or a USB! I’m excited about having the USB connection because it means I can play music files or display pictures on the TV. I like having an HDMI input and I’m using it to connect our DVD player to the TV.

Although it’s convenient to have all of the kids’ books in the Game Room, I didn’t like the way it looked. So when I planned on placing our TV on top of the old entertainment center, I started dreaming up a DIY Entertainment Center Curtain to hide the books and game system stuff. I bought two heavyweight curtain panels with neutral colors that do not easily wrinkle. I applied the curtain panels to the old entertainment center with super sticky velcro. I was amazed by how well this no-sew option worked! I was even able to “hem” the curtain panels to the right length by applying velcro. Since the curtain panel is wider than the entertianment center, I created temporary pleats when I stuck the curtain to the entertainment center. My kids can still easily access their books and game system accessories by partially peeling back one curtain panel. The Game Room definitely has a more sophisticated look now, and everyone in my family is spending more time in it!

5.  Save Date Night

Before we got our Haier TV, we were planning Date Nights less frequently because of the expense of paying for babysitting, paying for movie tickets, paying for food at a restaurant or movie theater and paying for gas to drive from place to place. Date Night actually became something that was stressful to plan because the movie times don’t always line-up with the babysitting times and traffic on a Friday or Saturday night can be a problem. Once we had to leave a movie before it ended so we’d be able to pick-up our kids on-time from a local kids gym. I definitely want to avoid that stress! Now we can enjoy a Date Night at home – with the kids still here, but in a different room of the house. It’s a great way to save money and still enjoy a movie while the kids are still awake.

What would a TV Upgrade “SAVE” at your house?  (please leave a comment below)

5 Reasons I Upgraded My TV #HaierAmbassador #ad

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