This program has been discontinued. The digital coupons are Hot, Hot, Hot! Thanks to one of my readers, Johnny, I learned about a new digital coupon site for Unilever products. Sign-up for Unilever eCoupons. This program is also for Kroger shoppers (or Kroger-owned stores with loyalty cards). You can load up to 25 coupons total onto your Kroger Plus card (that total includes the coupons you have loaded from P&G; eSaver). The Shortcuts coupons have a separate limit of up to 20 coupons. So, if you maxed out the number of coupons you had loaded onto your Kroger Plus Card you would have 45 coupons total. And guess what – I could have used that Ragu coupon on my purchase today! I am so excited about digital coupons I think I’ll have to find a special place to blog about them weekly and keep you updated on new coupons and new deals.