Thanks to one of my readers who just left this comment:

“I called GGP to see what was up with this. I had to leave a msg, but they called me back!! They said to send an email to: and let them know you signed up for & should have received the card. Give them the email you signed up with & they are going to go thru their data base to push those thru. They are not sure why we didn’t receive our conf. email, whether it was our email that blocked them, or something else, but if we signed up for one & should have received one (still ones available) then it should show up in their data base. She said it may take a few days, but they are working on the problem.”

So, please email them if you signed-up but did not receive your confirmation email!

Get a free $10 gift card for your local mall if it’s managed by GGP. Click on the “Free Gift Card” button and then enter your zipcode and then click on the mall near you to see if they have any $10 gift cards left to hand out (first 500 who register get them). My closest mall had run out, but my second closest mall still had over 100 left so I got one! There is no minimum purchase required, just enter your email address and then they will email you a confirmation that you need to print. You are restricted as to when you can use that $10 gift card, it must be between the specified dates (for my mall that’s Sept. 17-20). Thanks goes to Saving Money and Living Life for the details on this great promotion!

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