Hello, everyone!

Lorelei from Hooray For Free-bates! says she received a text message from Heather this morning and she is okay and did not have any major damage from Hurricane Ike!

She is without power, and no word yet on how long that might be or when she’ll be back to her busy blogging self!

I wish she could read how much her readers care about her! I’ve been moderating the comments on this blog, and you guys have been so supportive! She’s lucky to have all of you!

I will be doing my best to keep Freebies4Mom going for Heather in her absence… but I do have my own blog at Northern Cheapskate to take care of, too! (And three kids, and a crazy terrier, etc., etc.)

So for those of you who would like to help: Please email me at northerncheapskate@yahoo.com. I am looking for freebies, coupons, giveaways and sweeps for Freebies for Mom. (I’ll be sure to give you credit for any tips!).

Also, if any of you are interested in writing a guest post for Northern Cheapskate (my blog focuses on frugal living), please e-mail me your ideas, as that would help tremendously!

And a couple of reminders: I don’t have access to Heather’s e-mail, so if you have something that you think would be good to post on Freebies4Mom or reports of a dead deal, etc., please contact me.

Also: For all of Heather’s Twitter Followers: Heather’s blog automatically sends a Twitter every time something is posted here. So for those folks who get excited to see her face on Twitter, please note that it may not be her… it may just be that I’ve posted to something here!

Thanks so much for your patience and your help! I will post updates as I hear of them!