Is there a USA Baby store in your town? Then sign-up for e-mom Rewards, thanks to the heads up from Money Saving Mom. Read the comments on her post here to see what other people are getting in other cities. You will get offered a welcome gift, and it will vary by city. You will receive your coupon by email within one hour of signing up. I live in Houston and just got my coupon by email for a $10 gift card and a Mustela Gift Pack. You do need to take your coupon to the store to redeem it – they will not mail you your welcome gift. I’ll update this post once I have a chance to visit the store – it is actually in our area of town! Post a comment here and let everyone know what coupon or freebie you are offered for your city!

Update 7/15/08 from Katy: “I signed up for the USA Baby deal and my email said I could redeem it for a $10 gift card/Mustela gift pack. I went to pick it up today and the lady made me choose between the two. The email didn’t say “or” anywhere on it, but I just wasn’t in the mood to fight with her. I wanted the gift pack, but of course she told me it was either/or after I’d already selected $10 worth of merchandise. ” –Katy

I’d love to hear from you if you go to USA Baby – is Katy’s experience a typical one? I’ll find out soon when I head to my store in Houston. I just reread my email and it clearly says “a free Welcome Package consisting of a Mustela Gift Pack and a USA Baby Houston Gift Card” so I expect that Katy’s store was just not offering the promotion correctly.

Here are the gift cards and freebies my readers are getting in their email so far:

Austin – $25 Gift Card -or- Free pair of Robeez
Kansas City – $25 Gift Card -or- bib, onesie/Mustela Gift Pack
Indianapolis – $25 Gift Card
Jacksonville – $20 Gift Card
Minneapolis – $20 Gift Card
Houston – $10 Gift Card/Mustela Gift Pack
McAllen – $10 Gift Card/Mustela Gift Pack
Nashville – Mustela Gift Pack
Milwaukee – Mustela Gift Pack
Scottsdale – Mustela Gift Pack
Orlando – Free pair of Robeez
Norcross – Bumkins Bib

I am really curious to hear about everyone’s experience when they go to redeem their email for the stated gift card and/or freebie! I’ll be headed to USA Baby soon. Please report back to me by posting a comment here!

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