Walmart is the best source of free samples. I’m saying it again tonight because I was really impressed to receive a small bottle (1 fl. oz.) of Vaseline Intensive Rescue Moisture Locking Lotion AND a manufacturer’s coupon to Save $2 on any one Vaseline Intensive Rescue Body Butter. This is the first time I have received a sample from Walmart that included a manufacturer’s coupon! And it’s a better coupon than the $1 coupon that was in the Sunday paper for this product. I hope this is a start of a new trend – coupons with our samples from Walmart!

Time to roundup those fabulous freebies from Walmart – arriving in your mailbox quickly, I have to say I am feeling rather spoiled! It seems like I’m getting at least one free sample a week from Walmart. Did you know that Walmart often “restocks” their free samples? So, what is no longer available today, might be available tomorrow – and I usually find out about it! If you are curious about the best free sample I’ve ever gotten from Walmart, take a peek here.

Get your free samples from Walmart, just look for the “free sample” link and click on it to get to the request form. Not all of these are showing up on Walmart’s “free sample” summary page, but they are still available to request. Here is a complete list of what’s currently available:
Vaseline Intensive Rescue Moisture Locking Lotion (gone)
Gold Bond Ultimate Restoring Lotion
Glad Forceflex Tall Kitchen Trash Bag (all out Tues. morning!)
Colgate Total Advanced Whitening Toothpaste (gone)
Maybelline New York Mineral Power Natural Perfecting Liquid
Fiber One Caramel Delight Cereal
Gillette Oil Control 2 in 1 Body and Face Wash (gone)
John Frieda Collection Frizz-Ease (gone)
John Frieda Collection Lustrous Touch (gone)
ZICAM Ultra Xcid Antacid
TENA Serenity Overnight Pads
FreshLook Contact Lenses