No longer playing. You can watch the movie The Haunted Mansion (with Eddie Murphy) on Disney XD this week only! Definitely a movie for older kids, it is a bit scary and it’s rated PG! They will stop playing this movie after Friday night.

Other movies that will be shown this summer include: Camp Rock, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, Princess Diaries 2, Freaky Friday, and Peter Pan. I’ll keep you updated on the free Disney movie of the week, so keep visiting me for your freebies!
Here’s a walk-through of what to expect when you try this for the first time:
2. Wait for “Disney XD” to load (the numbers will change to 100%)
3. Click on “The Wonderful World of Disney” small window on the left-hand side to see the schedule of movies playing on TV. The movies will play on the website for a full week starting sometime after the movie plays on TV.
4. The movie will start playing now, after a few minutes of advertisements/promos.
5. You have the option to watch it full-screen (no ads).
6. Still having problems? Visit Disney’s Guest Services for assistance.
Other Disney Freebies:
Don’t miss the WALL*E’s Instant Win Sweepstakes that Disney Shopping is hosting, you could win $10 off a Disney Shopping order! You’ll also want to visit my Little Einsteins milk giveaway. The giveaway ends tonight, and a new one starts tomorrow.