You’ve seen it on your coupons “Do Not Double or Triple” in ominous bold print. What does this mean? I’ll share my opinion and experience with you, and then you share yours by leaving a comment.

The computers at most grocery stores that double or triple coupons will still double or triple that coupon (despite the wording). The store gives you that extra savings – it does not come from the manufacturer. So I’m comfortable taking that extra savings that the store is giving me when that store has a doubling or tripling coupon policy in-place.

To be honest with you, if you asked a cashier to not double that coupon – they probably wouldn’t even know how because like I said it’s an automatic thing that the computer does on it’s own! I’ve never had an experience where a cashier has voided the doubling of a coupon because it said “do not double” on it.

My big concern with coupons is to avoid printing or using fraudulent coupons because if you try to use those it’s illegal and the store will not be able to get any money for the coupon from the manufacturer. Please educate yourself about fraudulent coupons so you can avoid them. It really does hurt everyone when fraudulent coupons are used!


Your turn – what does it mean when you see “do not double or triple” on a coupon and what are your cashiers doing about it?