It’s sad to be bringing Craft Week to an end today, but who said I can’t create a crafty post at any time of my choosing? Don’t worry, I’ll surprise you with some craft goodies in the future!

I need to thank the generous and crafty moms who sponsored the giveaways this week:
Crystal Dawn Perry, author of The Write Baby and Toddler Words and other books
Kim of in stitches, creator of custom embroidered bookmarks
Jen of The Coconut ScrapShop, a unique scrapbooking shop that caters to busy moms

It’s hard for me to put into words why I love making crafts. But the words from my readers pretty much sum it all up! Here is what you told me:

I love crafting because . . .
it’s my “me” time
I can be creative without criticism
giving crafts can brighten someone’s day
it’s a personal accomplishment I am proud of
you don’t have to be great at it to enjoy doing it
it provides an affordable gift to give
you can never get bored
it’s a unique extension of who I am
I get instant gratification from the tangible object I create
crafts add a little beauty to the world
it’s an escape from the ordinary
I can create something that will be treasured
homemade is more meaningful than mass produced
it allows me to unleash my inner crafty goddess

Thanks for articulating what I feel about crafts. Thanks for reading my blog.