Working at TableDuring the summer you’ll find us sitting at the kitchen table working. Even though it’s summer vacation, my kids still have work to do. And I still have work to do even though my normal work-time during their school-time evaporates. So we work together during the summer on a very flexible schedule. The kids work on Summer Bridge Activities while I work on my blog.

We’re still doing fun summer activities like swimming and summer camps – but it’s not all play and no work for us. Their favorite activity is illustrating then writing a story. We try to pick a theme or recent event for our stories to help them get started. My kids stay motivated by earning stickers for their rewards charts. When they fill up their charts they earn a shopping trip.

I stay motivated knowing that practicing their skills over the summer will make the start of school go that much smoother. It won’t be a shock to them when they have to start doing “homework” because we’ve been doing homework all summer (and we enjoy it). It also won’t be a shock to me because I’m used to working at the table alongside them, ready to offer help or praise when needed.

How are you motivating yourself and your kids to work during the summer?

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