🎨Free Kids Printable: DIY Chalk Paint + Sidewalk Stencils

🎨How To Make DIY Chalk Paint + Free Printable Stencils

Enjoy this step-by-step guide to creating and using your own chalk paint thanks to Apartment Guide. This kid-friendly activity is perfect for the whole family! The guide offers fun ideas for both kids and adults to get creative with chalk paint sidewalk masterpieces, motivational chalkboards for the […]

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👾Make Monstersicles from a Healthy Drink


How To Make Monstersicles

To make your Monstersicles, start with Juicy Juice single-serve boxes (6.75 oz.). Flip the boxes upside down and unfold the bottom of the box . Cut the seam of the box with scissors to open up the box but still have about 0.5 inches between the top level of the juice and […]

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🍖Free eCookbook: Sun’s Out, Buns Out – Gluten Free Backyard BBQ Recipes

🍖Free eCookbook: Sun's Out, Buns Out - Gluten Free Backyard BBQ RecipesEnjoy this free recipe eBook by Canyon Bakhouse only for a limited time. Fill out the form to email yourself a copy or click on the “View Now” button to access this 31-page PDF with 20 recipes inside.

Sun’s Out, Buns Out – Gluten Free Backyard BBQ Recipes

by Canyon Bakehouse

“Looking to grill up your […]

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🐚Free Kids Printable: Seashell Scavenger Hunt & Identification Flashcards

🐚Free Printable Seashell Scavenger Hunt & Identification FlashcardsSpending the summer at the beach? You will enjoy this free printable seashell scavenger hunt and seashell identification flashcards. My summer vacations were spent on the Oregon coast and I would have loved to have these to help me identify my seashell finds!

I’ve got more free printables for kids to share with you!

Get […]

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📺Free Printable Movie Night Custom Tickets + Game

📺Free Printable Movie Night Custom Tickets + Game

Make your next at-home movie night more memorable with free printable and customizable movie tickets and a TV/movie-themed categories game thanks to Home Advisor. These are great for all ages to enjoy. There is still plenty of summer left to enjoy an outdoor movie night or keep these saved for some family […]

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🚙Free Printable Road Trip Games: Highway Sign Bingo and more

🚙Free Printable Road Trip Games: Highway Sign Bingo and moreGet your free printable road trip games including: highway sign bingo (my fave), doodle contest, I Spy, printable placement, bumper sticker scrapbook. Just look for the PDF files that you can download instantly and print. Checkout the Cheap Road Trips for Summer Fun article on CapitalOne Shopping for some great tips on taking affordable family road trips.

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🍎Free Printable Summer Camp from Arm & Hammer

🍎Arm & Hammer Camp Craft, Bake & More

Sign up now for the on-demand Arm & Hammer Summer Camp. Enjoy everything from the science of baking to the art of slime-making. Arm & Hammer Summer Camp will bring to life kid-friendly recipes, crafts and science experiments through daily playlists that empower kids to learn and create. When you sign up you […]

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🌲Free DIY Camping Hacks + Printables

Camping HacksWikibuy offers over 70 DIY Camping Hacks for every budget, including hacks for any kind of camper, glamping hacks and green camping hacks. Whether you’re going solo or bringing the family, saving or splurging, feeling low-key or luxe, in this roundup you’ll find some of the most effective hacks for your next camping trip.

Read on for just a few […]

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🍎Free Printable DIY Summer Camp

Bestow offers some great tips on creating your own DIY summer camp, including themes, games and free printables to get started. Make your own camp experience from the comfort of your living room or backyard! With just a little imagination and planning, you can create a DIY camp experience that will help your kids experience the fun of a summer camp without breaking the bank or social distancing rules. 

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