Quaker is offering the “Book of Life Sweepstakes” as a promotion for Life cereal. You can enter daily until June 30 for a chance to win an 8″x8″ Shutterfly Photo Book, there will be 5,000 winners! I thought this sweepstakes would be worth entering since there are so many winners. I’m also feeling kind of lucky because I won the Philly Free Breakfast Sweepstakes on the very last day they offered it last week, I was one of 6,000 winners. Update: If you win the free Shutterfly Photo Book, you will still need to pay shipping for it. I just redeemed a free photo book offer I received previously, and shipping cost me $7.99. It was still well worth it for me because I make photo books as gifts for upcoming celebrations like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

I’m also curious how you, my reader, feels about daily entry sweepstakes? Are they worth your time to enter? Do you have trouble remembering to enter every day? Do you want me to start telling you about a few of the more special daily sweepstakes out there? Please post a comment or send me an email and I’ll take your lead on this new method of getting great freebies.