Facebook Tips for Fans:

Facebook TipHow to Turn Off the Facebook Notification Sound – Is your computer beeping at you? Mine was and it took me a long time to figure out the beeping was coming from Facebook. Here’s how to turn it OFF.



Remove Applications You’ve Allowed I show you how to remove all those apps you have to allow in order to get a freebie or enter a sweeps plus why I think it’s ok to allow trusted apps in the first place (most never access your information).

***Learn to Spot the Spammy Apps – Never click on the apps that want to spam you and here’s how to tell that bad apps from the good apps.


**Get Your Newsfeed Back – What happened to all your friends? Don’t let Facebook choose who you see in your newsfeed.


Facebook Tips for Bloggers:

The Freebies 4 Mom Guide to a Fabulous Facebook Fan Page

Enjoy this interactive 9-page printable guide to help you grow your blog’s Facebook Fan Page using my tips based on my experience growing my fan page to 122,000+ fans in just under two years. Click on the link above to download this PDF file.

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