Since October 21, 2007 I’ve written 1,000 posts on my blog. I’m celebrating with some special one-day giveaways today: 1,000 business cards from Vertical Printing & Graphics for one lucky reader, 1,000 coupons I’m mailing over the next few months to one lucky reader, and incredible fudge from Fudgette to thank one lucky reader (and 4 other people I want to give special thanks to). I’m also doing my first reader survey to gather some feedback to make the next 1,000 posts even better. Look for the survey this afternoon. Today’s giveaways will be announced with their own entry forms later this morning and they will all close at midnight tonight (CST on Wednesday, August 27).

I wanted to reflect a little about what exactly this 1,000 post milepost means to me. I’ve written a lot of short things, but I’ve still written a lot. What in the world does all this writing mean? That I’ve forgotten a lot of what I’ve written, but I’ve got you to help me remember! I don’t want to even guess how much time I’ve spent on the computer, except to reflect that it is still less than the amount of time I used to spend when I worked full-time. I hope that you are enjoying my blog and learning about new freebies, printing new coupons, winning sweeps & giveaways, and having fun spoiling yourself! I’m having a wonderful time bringing you all this freebie goodness – thank you for reading!