The hottest 4 new grocery coupons, pick out the ones that will save you money! I’m finding that coupons are reaching print limits too quickly for me to round them up 10 at a time, so I’m doing shorter, more frequent posts about new printable coupons I like.

1. Save $2 off Sabra Mediterranean Garden Variety
I could only print this coupon in IE – print it twice.

2. Save $2 on any Snuggle Creme liquid fabric softener
You need to register to print the coupon, but it’s easy. Thanks Jodi!

3. Save $1.10 on Wanchai Ferry dinner kit
A better coupon than you’ll ever see in the Sunday paper. Just scroll thru until you see it. Buy it when it’s on-sale and it makes a really quick meal.

4. Save $1 on two Northland 100% Cranberry Blends
Register to print this coupon twice. Expires March 30.

I like to share coupons with you that you can print and/or request by mail. I list the newest coupons I find in my “Hottest 4 Coupons” list, but round them all up in a post so you don’t miss any. The easiest way to find a coupon you saw posted on Freebies 4 Mom is to type in the name of the product in my “Search” box at the top right. You can also click on the “Coupons” button in the top menu bar.

When I say you can print a coupon twice, you need to click on the coupon link a second time to print it the second time (hitting the back button doesn’t always work). Most of the coupons I list will print in Firefox (at least for me), but if available I’ve also included different links for those printing in Internet Explorer or Safari because most coupon printing problems are specific to the browser you’re using.

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