Enter the code FRESHFUNDS for 50 free points to add to your Fresh Express/Chiquita Fresh Funds account. A fresh thank you goes to NWA Deals for sharing this free code with me. You might also see the code Tyson09 but you can only use one 50 pt. bonus code. This is the first time I’ve seen bonus codes for this program, so I’ll keep my eye out for more to share with you.

I’m 20 points shy of being able to order a Salad Blaster with for 250 pts. I’ve collected my Fresh Funds from the Fresh Express salad bags. It’s a bowl that helps mix things up and they sell it at The Container Store for $4.99. If you save up 500 pts. you can get a cute Lunch Tote. Look under the “Fresh Rewards” and then “Fresh Offers” to find these items to order with your Fresh Funds. You can also bid on prizes with your points, and I’d be really curious to hear if any of my readers are successful in making the winning bid.

NWA Deals says that you can find codes on specially-marked bag of Chiquita and Fresh Express products will have a Fresh Funds point on the back of the package. Here’s a List:


  • Fruit & Veggie Bites

Fresh Express

  • Crispy Lettuce
  • Tender Lettuce Mixes
  • Flavorful Whole Tender Leaf Blends
  • Complete Salad Kits
  • Specialties* (Organics not included)

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