Update 6/26/08: I got my first issue of All You and my subscription is through September 2010! It worked! Now I’ll write “Cancel” on my subscription bill from All You to cancel my free trial.

UpdateAdrienne just told me that she found a better price for an All You subscription – 15 issues for $12 if you order at KathrynBeich.com (no longer available). I have never ordered from this website and have never even heard of it until today, but I wanted to pass this link along to you. I just placed my order, it really did only cost $12, but it will take up to 8 to 12 weeks for them to process my order. The timing should work out beautifully because I’ll most likely have my 2 free issues by then, so I will write “Cancel” on my bill from All You after I get my 2 free issues. Again, this is a bit of experiment for me since I haven’t ordered magazines from this site before – but an experiment I’m willing to conduct. I’ll report back to you in Walmart Freebies 4 Mom on my All You subscription. Thanks again, Adrienne!

Tina just told me that you can get a 2 free issue trial of All You magazine. When you sign-up you can select “bill me later” instead of giving them your credit card information, and you will receive an email confirmation after you submit the form. It is a “free trial” offer so after you get your second issue you will be billed. You can cancel your subscription and keep your 2 free issues, or pay the bill of $21.24 for all 12 issues at that time ($1.77 an issue for 12 issues, so if you pay the bill you don’t get those first 2 issues for free, but still a very cheap magazine with tons of coupons). I’ll be paying the bill because “subscribe to All You” is on my “to-do” list.

Tina knows that I am a fan of All You because she’s been reading my weekly Walmart Freebies 4 Mom feature and was so nice to tell me about the 2 free issue trial. I’m all about getting my magazines for free, but I really think that paying for this subscription would be worth it at $1.77 an issue, I’m going to earn back that subscription price and then some with the coupons I get out of it. And my theory is that if I subscribe to it I’ll get the new issues sooner than the store.

Here’s what they say about how the free 2 issue trial works:
“I can cancel anytime during the trial period by contacting customer service and my credit/debit card or PayPal account will not be charged, or by writing “cancel” on my bill, and I will owe nothing. The cancellation is effective immediately, and any trial issues I receive are mine to keep, FREE.”