😎Free Month of Paramount+ Premium ($9.99 value)

A new code thanks to Honest-IJM will get you two free months! Get two free months of Paramount+ Premium ($9.99 value) when you use the coupon code PLAYOFFS on the “Payment Method” page. You will be offered a second free month when you go to cancel! Just accept it and then cancel after your end date changes.
You will still be required to enter a credit card, but you can simply cancel your subscription right after you sign up (by going to “Account” then “Cancel Subscription” at the bottom of that page) and you can still enjoy your free month.  You will get the confirmation message “Your subscription has been canceled and your payment method will no longer be charged. You will not be able to access Paramount+ content after your billing cycle ends on DATE.” This coupon code works for both new and returning customers. I actually already had an account from taking advantage of a previous offer, so I simply signed in and was still able to apply this coupon code. Thanks goes to Honest-IJM for sharing!

We don’t know when this coupon code expires, so if you try to use it and it doesn’t work please leave a comment!

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