You can get an All You (2-year) magazine subscription and a $10 credit for Amazon for only $34.00 at (that’s $1.00 per issue for 24 issues if you subtract that $10 credit). A great deal for anyone who wants to expand their coupon file and who can use that $10 on something they’d normally be buying on Amazon. This special offer is available through January 31.

Getting this magazine for $1.00 per issue is a great deal! For comparison, this magazine would cost you $29.88 (that’s $2.49 per issue for 12 issues) if you bought it at Walmart (the only place you can buy it on the newstand). It’s the only magazine that I pay money for, because it’s the magazine that pays me!

I think of it as a free subscription because I get so many coupons that I can use from it that it actually helps me save money. For example, in the January issue there are $43.38 worth of coupons. I won’t use them all, but most are for food products that I will be buying. Already subscribed? Extend your subscription at this great low price – they’ll just add on 24 issues to your current subscription.

I bet that just using one or two coupons from each issue will more than pay for your low subscription cost of $1.00 per issue. And if you are using Swagbucks as your search engine, you may have even earned free gift cards – so this really could be a free subscription!

4 ways All You saves YOU money:

1. Coupons – You will never see a magazine with more coupons in it, not just money-saving coupons but coupons for FREE products and “free-after-rebate” forms. Most are manufacturer’s coupons that you could use at any store.

2. Articles – I always find at least one article that I want to read thoroughly, like the recent “Buy When the Price is Right” that talks about the best time of the year to bargain hunt for all types of things.

3. Rewards Readers – You can sign-up to be an All You Reality Checker and get special offers (like a free hotel stay in exchange for sharing your opinion) and surveys (they’ve offered cash in the past for reader surveys). This magazine is different from all the rest because they actually want and use reader input. They reward those readers too! Findng Pennies got to test-drive (and keep) a $300 vacuum cleaner!

4. Get it by mail – I don’t have to drive anywhere to get my copy of this magazine and I get it faster than my local Walmart store puts it on their newstand. This saves me time!

How is All You magazine saving you money?

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