🍏Free Mystery eBook: Apple Pie and Follies ($0.99 value)

🍏Free eBook: Apple Pie and Follies ($0.99 value)Enjoy this free mystery eBook (normally $0.99) by Lizzie Lewis only for a limited time. Click on the “Kindle Store” button. Read it from your phone, tablet or computer using free apps.

Apple Pie and Follies (Abit Button Cozy Mystery Romance, Book 6) $0.00

by Lizzie Lewis

“Alice and Rupert Forrester have just moved into the house Abi used to call Creepy Castle. The basement apartment will soon be ready for newlywed Bethany and Harry with baby Freddie. Alice finds an old map of the area in the college library, which leads to some exciting discoveries.

Some items donated to the local cat charity cause serious problems for Abi and Danny, with Danny locked in a police cell and suspended from work at lawyers Branks, Davis & Waters, and Abi taken in for questioning.

Meanwhile, life at Button Up coffee shop proceeds in the usual way ‒ a way that is often far from normal.

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