Yes and No. They are free in the sense that they require no output of money on your part. They are not free in the sense that you are permitting a company to take a little bit of your time and accept their three dimensional advertisement into your home. It costs this company money to advertise, manufacture, and mail you the free sample. So, you pay for the free sample with your time and the company pays by allocating resources to this form of advertising.

I want to encourage you to ponder this as you decide which free samples to request. I always encourage my readers to only request those free samples that their household can use. If you do obtain free samples that your household won’t use, please consider donating them.

By offering free samples, companies have a unique marketing opportunity by placing their product in your household. But no matter how influential this marketing may be – remember that you are the decision-maker about what items you buy for your household. Be a smart consumer and be aware of how much you pay for the things you buy. Compare prices with other brands selling similar products. Consider eliminating the product entirely from your shopping list (i.e. I no longer buy fabric softener sheets). Question the claims on products performance that are made by the manufacturer.

Use me as a resource, but remember that I am just relaying that best of the free sample offers I find. I am not usually personally recommending the products I blog about, but I will chime in with my experience or opinion. In your free sampling adventures, please remember that free samples aren’t really free.