I’ve got big news for all of my blogging readers! Angie of Baby Cheapskate has launched a new site called Blog Coach (blogcoach.org). This is going to be a superb resource for you (and me) because I have to tell you I’ve waded through some sites that offered “blogging tips” only to be extremely overwhelmed and shy away from visiting again. Well, I’m sure that Angie’s new site is going to be a bit more friendly for blogging moms like myself. Here’s a list of what caught my eye that I am looking forward to:

* Weekly interviews from “expert” bloggers like MomAdvice – ok, if Amy’s writing something about blogging, I’m reading it

* Tool of the Day posts – I’m telling you I really need new tools fed to me one at a time, so this will be a perfect way for me to find some new things to try and actually have time to implement them

* Learn how to make money from your blog – need I say more? I’m still learning this one, but I am proud to say that blogging is my hobby turned part-time job and gives me the flexibility to work while being a full-time stay-at-home mom.

On a more personal note, did you know that Angie is not just an inspiration for me, but other bloggers as well? Baby Cheapskate was the first blog I ever read on a regular basis (and I didn’t even know it was a blog until I had been reading if for a few months). Reading Baby Cheapskate was part of my inspiration to start my own blog. After my chat with Lori, I found out it was her first blog to read as well! Maybe it was your first blog too?