I’m feeling at home now after spending a week in my newly designed site, thanks to the talents of Sashwhy’s Studio. I’m ready to give you a tour so that you can find everything that you are looking for here.

What type of website is this?
Freebies 4 Mom is my blog. A blog is simply an online journal. I choose to journal about free samples, coupons, rebates, and frugal tips that I want to share with you. You can get to my blog by typing in: freebies4mom.com. My blog is hosted for free by Blogger, so I also have a long address: freebies4mom.blogspot.com.

Home Sweet Home
You can easily get to my “Home” page by clicking anywhere in the header (at the top of my blog) or by clicking on “Home” on the left side of my menu bar, just below the header. The “Home” page will show you all posts listed in chronological order with the newest post at the top.

The Menu Bar
The menu bar reveals what I blog about – most of my posts will fall into one of the 8 categories in the menu bar. I’ve got some of my posts tagged with labels so that when you click on one of the topics in the menu bar you will only see posts that relate to that topic. Here are the items in the menu bar:
Home – shows you all posts
About – find out more about me and my blog
Freebies – all current freebies available to request, if something is no longer available please post a comment to tell me and I’ll remove the tag for it.
Coupons – all current coupons, both printable and those you can request by mail. I do a weekly “Coupons 4 Mom” roundup each Thursday.
Rebates – posts related to the rebates I share with you
Sweeps – I like to share sweeps with you if they have 1,000+ winners and I update my list of daily sweeps I consider worth entering in “Sweeps 4 Mom” each Saturday.
Birthday – I’m updating my list of birthday freebies for families at the end of each month. This is where you’ll easily find these roundups and find out about any new birthday freebies.
Frugalness – This is a place for me to keep everything else that I write about. Periodically I will write a “Frugalness 4 Mom” roundup highlighting 4 blogs with frugal tips worth sharing.
FreebiEvents – All of those freebie events are here, I typically announce them a day or two before. On Freebie Friday I list the upcoming ones for the next month.
Contact – If you would like to send me an email, click here to get started.

Weekly Schedule
This is subject to change, but here is what weekly features I have on my blog right now.
Sunday – Mailbox 4 Mom
Wednesday – Walmart Freebies 4 Mom
Thursday – Coupons 4 Mom
Friday – Freebie Friday on MomAdvice
Saturday – Sweeps 4 Mom

Left Column
My left column is dedicated to advertising. I strive to show relevant ads about free samples and coupons so that they can be a useful resource for you. At the top is my BlogHer Ad which has a unique feature; just below the graphical ad is a list of 4 frugal posts from other blogs in the BlogHer Ad Network. This is a great way to explore other blogs and find out what the hot topics are today.

Main Column
This is where all of my posts live in chronological order with the newest post at the top. If you click on the title of the post you will see only that post and all of the comments for it.

Right Column

Search My Blog
Just type in a keyword to search my blog. The posts with that keyword in it will be displayed. If you have a hard time finding something that you think you saw on my blog, just send me an email and I’ll try to find it for you.

The Hot Lists
I’ve got a “Hottest 4 Freebies” list so that you can look at the most recent posts at-a-glance without ever scrolling down. I update this list almost every time I post something new. Below that is another BlogHer Ad and then my “Hottest 4 Coupons” list. This is an easy way for me to share a new coupon link with you quickly, without creating a separate post for it. At the bottom of the list is the most recent “Coupons 4 Mom” roundup. I also put a Coupons.com ad below that to remind you to check the coupons list. If you enjoy my blog, printing your coupons here is a great way to support me!

Subscribe & Promote
If you use a blog reader, you can subscribe to my blog by selecting the appropriate icon in the pop-out menu. Next you will see a pink box for my promotional area. You can subscribe to a daily update by email from me and you can also share the freebies by posting my button, widget, or headline animator on your blog. You can grab the html code here.

Looking for something I posted during a specific week? Check-out my pull-down archive. Do you use Technorati? Then please consider adding my blog to your favorites! Do you want to know how many other people are visiting my blog? Click on the Sitemeter button to see my stats. Next comes my Creative Commons license. Did you know that I’m a member of the frugal community called “Frugal Hacks”? I show their blogroll on my sidebar because it’s a great way to find some new blogs to visit, the most recently updated blogs will be at the top of the list. Then I have some Google Ads. Lastly, there is a Blogger symbol to let you know who I am using for my free blog hosting.

Any questions? Please feel free to leave a comment here (I do accept anonymous comments) or send me an email at: