*Expired* 🧁Free Mystery eBook Set: Belle Harbor Cozy Mysteries 4-6 ($9.99 value)

🧁Free Mystery eBook Set: Belle Harbor Cozy Mysteries 4-6 ($9.99 value)

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Enjoy this free mystery eBook set (normally $9.99) by Sue Hollowell because it is free again only for a limited time. Click on the “Amazon” button to get it. Read it from your phone, tablet or computer using free apps. Make sure the purchase price is still $0.00 because it could change at any time!

Belle Harbor Cozy Mysteries (Book 4-6) $0.00

by Sue Hollowell

A light, cozy mystery series in a quaint beach town with a fun loving, amateur female sleuth, her quirky uncle, and enough antiques and pastries to fill your home and your belly.

Book 4 – Sugar Cookies and Scandal

Relations between Tilly, Uncle Jack and the antique shop’s bookstore neighbor were finally moving the right direction. That is, until a surprise addition arrives in town, putting them all in an awkward situation. As Tilly tries to unravel the new dynamic, matters are complicated by the death of the local veterinarian’s assistant.

With no time to spare for being the peacemaker, Tilly is on the hunt for a new location for her growing bakery business. Her recent inclusion of catering to her services sends her on the search for an assistant. No sooner does she find the perfect match, than the suspect list for the murder takes a turn for the worse.

As the cast of characters quickly grows to include several animals, Tilly wonders who among the barnyard culprits could have committed the dastardly deed. Can she solve the murder before it’s too late? Or will the chickens finally come home to roost?

Book 5 – Tiramisu and Turmoil

With Tilly’s new assistant on board at the bakery, she agrees to take on a catering gig that could skyrocket her business to the next level. While jousting for her space in the kitchen with the temperamental chef, a troubling discovery at the celebrity wedding of the century threatens to shatter her dreams.

Joined by her bestie and armed with enough mascarpone for a lifetime supply of cheesecakes, Tilly sets out to solve the murder. She soon learns why the actors in attendance have won Academy Awards. Nothing is as it seems.

As Tilly quickly discovers, family drama and professional jealousy disguise the clues, making it a doozy of a mystery to detect what’s real and what’s fake. Will the publicity from the event doom the next phase of her bakery plans, or will Tilly be able to uncover the truth in a humdinger of a plot?

Book 6 – Pies and Pandemonium

Buoyed by a new baking alliance with her business neighbor, Tilly teams up with her to enter the annual berry pie competition. Coupled with her parents first visit to quaint Belle Harbor, Tilly’s got her plate full. No sooner does she reconnect with her mom, than a dead body inserts itself front and center.

With the death of his father, the heir apparent to the ceramic pie plate empire is prime suspect number one. But as Tilly, and her unlikely sleuthing partner mom team up to investigate, they quickly find layers of deception buried deep in the history of the annual pie competition.

Tilly and her mom reveal the length contestants will go to for the top prize in the contest. Can they slice up this juicy mystery to serve up the killer or will they be forced to eat humble pie?”

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