Do you own a blog or a website?  Well thanks to a hot tip from Shanna I found out how you can get a free $25 Shutterfly gift certificate just for sharing any of your Shutterfly photo card projects on your blog or website.  I just posted a “Thank You” card that my blogging friend Deal Wise Mommy made for me. Here are the instructions, luckily Shanna walked me through the process because it was not easy to find this promotion!

1. Login to Shutterfly

2. Click on “My Shutterfly” in the top menu

3. Click on “View all projects” under “My Projects”

4. Select a photo card project by clicking on the circle above the project title that you want to share (don’t click on the project itself, this promotion appears to only be tied to photo card projects)

5. Click on “Share Project” in the righthand menu

6. Type in “Title” and “Description” for your project (does not get included if you just embed the widget code)

7. Go to the “Next” step

8. Now you’ll see all the details of this promo, including the email address to send your blog post link to in order to get your $25 gift certificate.

9. Pick your embed method: Blogger or Widget Code (I got the widget code to use on my WordPress blog)

10. Don’t forget to email Shutterfly after you post your project!

This offer ends on January 31 and your $25 gift certificate will expire on February 15. Thanks goes again to Shanna for this freebie!

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