Sorry, this ad network is not available. Bloggers – have you heard about the new Jungle Ad Network over at It’s a brand new video ad player you can embed in your sidebar and it pays per view but visitors have the option to play (or not play) the lively parenting videos they offer. The ad player is sponsored (currently by Sephora) so your readers do not have to view any videos and you’ll still get paid just by the number of visitors who view the widget when your blog loads. I’m excited about this flexible option because I think it will help bloggers diversify their sources of income while bringing quality ads to their readers. Please email me because Jungle Ad Network are by “invite only”. And check out my new JuiceBoxJungle Ad in my right sidebar to see how the player looks (there is a smaller option as well).

You’ll find more useful resources in my Money 4 Mom series where I’ve shared how you can make money by blogging, working online, doing in-person market research, participating in University studies, selling on eBay, and even viewing YouData ads on my blog. I hope you find this series a useful resource if you are looking for sources of extra income.

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