Resources to help all of my readers use coupons to save money on their normal everyday purchases.

Hottest Coupons
Browse the hottest coupons that I’ve recently blogged about

Printable Manufacturer’s Coupons
These are my favorite printable coupon sites that offer a wide variety of coupons, most can be used at any store that accepts printable coupons.
usually over 100 coupons, the selection changes daily, print each coupon twice

a handful of high-value manufacturer’s coupons, print each coupon twice


even more manufacturer’s coupons to print

a complete listing of coupons that hosts on different brand websites

coupons for Kellogg’s products

Betty Crocker
Box Tops
coupons for General Mills products, selection slightly varies by site


coupons for natural products (like Method, Bear Naked Granola, Back to Nature)

Load coupons to your store loyalty card

load coupons if you shop at a store in the Kroger or Randalls family

earn money for college when you save these coupons to your store loyalty card including Kroger, Randalls, CVS, and more stores


load coupons if you shop at a store in the Kroger or Randalls family

P&G; eSaver
load coupons for P&G; brands to use at a store in the Kroger family

Campbells eLabels
earn labels for your school when you shop at Kroger, just register and starting earning automatically when you use your Kroger Plus card

Coupon Tips

Subscribe to All You Magazine for the coupons!
You will never see a magazine that has more coupons than this one! You’ll save money ordering your subscription thru rather than directly from All You. I think you’ll save much more than that with the coupons you’ll get out of it. This is the best source of manufacturer’s coupons other than the Sunday newspaper with coupon inserts.

Be An Empowered Consumer
I teach you what to do if your coupons are rejected, how to spot fraudulent coupons, and more empowering tips to help you be a smarter consumer

Fraudulent Coupon Hurt Everyone

Don’t let your lack of knowledge make you try to use fraudulent coupons because they hurt all consumers. So we’ve all got to learn to spot them and avoid using or distributing them.

How to Match Up Coupons with Store Sales
how The Grocery Gathering blog feature can help you find a blogger that will do the matching for you!

Coupon Stacking
is using 1 manufacturer’s coupon plus 1 store coupon on 1 item purchased at Target, Walgreens, CVS and Babies ‘R Us/Toys ‘R Us

Printable Coupon Help
some general advice if you are having trouble printing coupons

My Coupon Filing System
everyone sets theirs up to best works for them, I share what works for me

Calculating Unit Prices

a real example on how to calculate them and let them save you more money

Store Brand Products vs. Name Brand Products
why I usually embrace the store brand to save money

7 Tips for Gathering Coupons as you Shop
I always add a few coupons each grocery shopping trip, and here’s what to look for