Sounds like this may be a “no deal” – here is Kate’s comment that she just left “So I couldn’t get it to go through and Borders customer service says the site is being bombarded because of this malfunctioning coupon that many of the orders will be cancelled from the mistake.” I really hope they don’t cancel your order if you already made one – sounds like they’ve got a technical problem on their end to fix. I don’t usually post coupon codes to use to get free stuff for exactly this reason – they are often changed or cancelled as soon as the word spreads about them. But if I can use the coupon code myself (and this one looked like I could but I didn’t want to pay shipping) then I will post it.

Get $5 off your $5 order at Thanks to Money Saving Mom for this great freebie! I tried the coupon code and it worked even for a total order of less than $5. Tip: To find kids books under $5 I went to the “Kids” category, then selected “Under $10” and sorted the items from low to high price. There are tons of books and I found two I wanted for just under $2.50 each.

Update @ Noon: Either Borders website is having problems, or the coupon code is no longer working. Leave a comment if you try it and let us know if it works for you.

You’ve got to have a Borders store nearbye so you can go pick up your books and avoid shipping costs. Otherwise the shipping would be about the same as the $5 of books you are ordering. So I am passing on this deal since it’s a long drive to the nearest Borders store. But had to pass it along to you!