Camping HacksWikibuy offers over 70 DIY Camping Hacks for every budget, including hacks for any kind of camper, glamping hacks and green camping hacks. Whether you’re going solo or bringing the family, saving or splurging, feeling low-key or luxe, in this roundup you’ll find some of the most effective hacks for your next camping trip.

Read on for just a few examples of the hacks they share and free printables:

Essential Hacks For Any Kind of Camper: 

  • Use corn chips as kindling. 
  • Pre-crack up to eight eggs to store in one water bottle. 
  • Dry dishes in mesh laundry bags. 
  • Line your backpack with a trash bag. 
  • Use trick birthday candles as weatherproof fire starters. 
  • Attach a cork to anything you’re afraid might get dropped in the water.
  • Use a lint roller after a hike to remove any ticks. 
  • Gas up before you go. 

Camping Hacks

Glamping Hacks: 

  • Upgrade your bed with a fold-up frame or a double height air mattress. 
  • Use normal bed linens, not sleeping bags. 
  • Use portable tables as nightstands. 
  • Bring a rug. 
  • Pack scented candles. 
  • Meal prep fancy meals. 
  • Use real plates and a linen tablecloth. 
  • Make French press coffee. 
  • Create a lounge space. 

Camping Hacks

Green Camping Hacks: 

  • Invest in a campfire barbecue. 
  • Carpool to your campsite. 
  • Ditch the disposable water bottle habit. 
  • Bring a recycling box or bin. 
  • Make your own protein and energy bars.
  • Make your own natural tick deterrent and natural all-purpose bug spray.

Camping Hacks

You can download this free printable camping checklist to make sure you have all the supplies you will need.

Camping Hacks

You can also download this free printable camping meal planner because the best strategy to save, stay eco-friendly and maximize your convenience is to plan ahead!

Camping Hacks

No matter what sort of camper you are, you’ll improve your entire experience by thinking ahead and incorporating these helpful hacks into your plans.

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