*Expired* 🐱Free Romance eBook: Cat’s Meow ($0.99 value)

🐱Free eBook: Cat's Meow ($0.99 value)

This free eBook is no longer available but you’ll find more free eBooks here.

Enjoy this free romantic comedy eBook (normally $0.99) by Dale Mayer only for a limited time. Scroll down until you see the navy blue buttons for several different eBook formats. Read it from your phone, tablet or computer using free apps.

Cat’s Meow (Broken Protocols, Book 1) $0.00

by Dale Mayer

“After a year of hell, Lani Summerland’s life is just getting better when she’s tossed unceremoniously a few hundred years into the future with her orange Persian cat, Charming Marvin, in her arms. With no way to fight it, no way to go back, things are only looking to get worse fast.

Breaking protocol is cause for severe consequences in the time and world Liev Blackburn lives. But, after a year of government regulation, the crackdown is easing up and he begins to relax. Everything he’s worked for is hinged on keeping his reckless brother in check. But, while he’s been protecting Milo from falling under the government’s ever-vigilant radar, his brother has been working on a surprise present for him, one that’s the cat’s meow… Lani is that gift–a woman from the past that Liev has been fixated on.

Milo never anticipated having his brother’s dream girl come to their time with a snarky cat that can not only talk but doesn’t have a clue how or when to shut up!”

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