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I’m writing about how my family invests in healthy smiles by having healthy habits, including using Colgate Total Mouthwash, as part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias®. You can print two coupons to Save $0.75 on Colgate Total Mouthwash after you sign-up for the free Colgate SmileTalk enewsletter. I used my coupons at Target and got a great deal because I combined the coupon savings with a sale (buy 2, get 1 free at Target thru July 6). Join me on my shopping trip thru my Google+ Album. Saving money on mouthwash is definitely something to smile about!

Colgate Total Mouthwash three flavors #TotalSmile

Brushing our teeth, flossing our teeth, and using mouthwash daily is part of our family’s oral health plan. We dedicate time to this task every day and are constantly reminding the kids because they need lots of positive reinforcement before these healthy habits become second nature. I tried all three flavors of Colgate Total Mouthwash to find my favorite – and it is Wintermint Rush (the purple one) because it’s different than the typical mouthwash flavors. I love that Colgate Total Mouthwash doesn’t contain alcohol, but it does contain ingredients to kill germs, reduce plaque, prevent gingivitis, and freshen breath. It really is a product that takes care of your “total” oral health. Visit the Colgate Facebook page to find out about new products and ways you can save money. Tell @Colgate on Twitter how you’re using their products to invest in your smile.

Meet the Sugar Bugs #TotalSmileMy kids drew these pictures of “Sugar Bugs” because they are something we are fighting against every day. When we eat a meal or snack we often have a discussion about how many “Sugar Bugs” there are in our food or drink. It helps my kids understand why some treats (like cotton candy) are a once-in-a-blue-moon type of treat, and other treats (like carrots) are an every-day-kinda-thing. Right now we define “Sugar Bugs” very simply as any sugar that can cause tooth decay – so it’s both the refined sugars and the natural sugars. We’ll be diving into some deeper discussions with my kids about the differences in the near future – but for now we are emphasizing healthy habits to keep our healthy smiles.

Meet the Sugar Bugs #TotalSmile

How are you investing in healthy smiles in your household? Remember to visit Target to invest in your family’s oral health because they have a great selection of products at great prices. This post is sponsored by Collective Bias®, please visit my Disclosure Policy.