Thank you to the 42 moms who entered this coupon giveaway! I wrote each name on a business card, and then drew these 4 names out of a bowl: Dawn, Audrey, Stacey, and Kim. Congratulations! I’ll be contacting the lucky winners by e-mail today. I am giving away 4 envelopes filled with coupons for baby/toddler products to 4 of my lucky readers. Each envelope has at least 29 coupons in it (no formula coupons). They are all manufacturer’s coupons that can be used at any store (no printables). I’m not going to tell you what coupons are in the envelope because it’s a surprise! If you have a child under 3 you would likely be able to use some of these coupons. You can always give the coupons you can’t use to friends, or trade them easily at Baby Cheapskate Coupon Traders. E-mail me or post a comment to this post before midnight on FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 2 to be entered in the random drawing for this coupon giveaway! I need to be able to e-mail you if you win so if you post a comment please enable me to view your e-mail address in your profile. You can also e-mail me directly by clicking on “E-mail Heather” in the right-hand column.