See my latest post for an update on this offer:×14-collage-poster-free.html
I love these free Shutterfly photo book promotions! Go to Dreft’s website to fill out the form to register for a chance to receive a code by e-mail to redeem for a free 20-page 5×7 photo book on Shutterfly’s website (you will need to pay shipping & handling). Here is the catch – they are giving out only 1,000 each day! This offer is time-sensitive and goes to the first 1,000 registrants each day (the day starts at 12 midnight Eastern time). I recommend registering for this offer at 12:01 am Eastern time. If you don’t get the free photo book, you will get a code for 20% off (I signed-up at 8:30 am this morning and got the 20% off code in my e-mail). They are only giving out 15,000 free photo books (1,000 per day), so that means this promotion will likely end on Nov. 13 (assuming it started today). The promotional code for the free book doesn’t expire until March 30, 2008 so you will have plenty of time to create your masterpiece. Good luck!