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Update: the $5.97 eBook sale is still going on, but I don’t know for how much longer.
Happy 2008 Moms! I’m excited to bring you a new coupon tip for each day in January to help you learn how to save more money in 2008!

My first coupon tip involves taking some time to do your research by checking out Crystal Paine’s “Secrets to Supermarket Savings” eBook. The reason this is my first tip is because she is having an eBook sale for one day only today (January 1). When I read that Crystal spends less than $35 a week on groceries for her family of 4 – I thought: “Wow, I really need to read this because I am still spending way too much on groceries for my family of 4!”

You can buy the Secrets to Supermarket Savings” for $5.97 only on January 1 (regularly priced at $17.97). I just bought this eBook so that I could give you a quick review and my honest opinion. I recommend this eBook for any mom who is serious about reducing her monthly grocery budget by spending time to take advantage of sales, coupons, and wise meal planning. I am already doing these things, but I know I can do more and I plan on using Crystal’s tips to help me do it better. I do not recommend this eBook if you are happy with your current grocery budget, or you do not have more time to commit to doing research or planning.

There is nothing that is new or revolutionary in this eBook, but it is a well written and detailed strategy for saving money at the grocery store. I’m taking away a lot of new website links from it to investigate to see if I can find some new resources to help me save more money. Crystal walks you through her system and methods with a generous amount of detail and a strong dose of faith. Her 57-page eBook covers the following topics: sources for coupons, menu planning, coupon organization, and lots of specific tips for saving money at the grocery store. She uses detailed examples from her shopping trips at the following stores: Kroger, Walgreens, CVS, and Aldi.

There are a bunch of other eBooks that you’ll get for free along with “Secrets to Supermarket Savings“, but they weren’t of special interest to me. Don’t spend the $5.97 on this eBook unless you have time to read it and follow-through with implementing some of the lessons for your household. I want you to spend your money wisely this year!