This Coupon Tip is geared toward my new readers, but my returning readers may learn something new too. Here are a few tips on how you can get more coupons just be reading Freebies 4 Mom:

Coupon Giveaways
I love to give away coupons to moms who can use them. Because of the number of readers I have, it is easiest for me to give coupons away on a “first come first serve” basis. I try to update my posts as soon as I give coupons away by writing an update in bold red text, and then changing the giveaway text to gray italics. I give away coupons from my personal coupon file, so I have a limited quantity to give away. My website is “live” all the time, and I usually post several times a day. Because I have so many readers, by the time my daily update is e-mailed out to the FeedBurner subscribers, my giveaways have usually ended. That’s why some moms check my website several times a day, to see what’s new and maybe be lucky enough to catch a giveaway at the right time.

Printable Coupons
My goal is to start offering you the links to more printable coupons. I’m starting to take the time to do more research before I post free samples or giveaways so that I can also include any links to printable coupons that may be available. And I’ve got my eye out for really hot coupons that you will want to print as soon as possible! I love printable coupons because they are available to almost everyone!

Samples come with Coupons
If you like a product, request a sample and you may get some coupons for it! Most samples that come directly from the manufacturer will come with coupons. Samples that you request from Walmart do not come with any coupons. If I get a sample with a coupon in the mail, I will update that post (or add a comment) to tell everyone what I got and whether the sample is still available to request.

The Latest and Greatest
You can get a daily summary of what’s new on Freebies 4 Mom by subscribing to the daily e-mail update (just enter your e-mail address in the subscription box at the top right and follow the instructions). When you read your daily e-mail update, remember that you can click on the title of any post to read it “live” on my website to see if there have been any updates to it. Once you are at my website, you will need to click on the header “Freebies 4 Mom” to read all of the newest posts. If you want to visit my site during the day to see what’s new, you can bookmark it, or just type in:

Email me with any questions you still have on how my website can help you get more coupons!

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