Amanda inspired me to write this coupon tip when she sent me an email about a great peelie coupon. Amanda wrote “Sometime since Thursday afternoon my Target stuck $1.50 stickers on EVERY packet of Luvs and they specifically say “peel and use today”. This is Aiken, SC. For me it brought the price for 40 size 3s to $6.49 (a price you can’t beat right now)”.

Peelie coupons are an easy way to save money, but only if you or the cashier remembers to peel them to use them! Most of the cashiers I encounter do not peel those coupons off, and I end up discovering them when I unload my groceries at home. So I now try to peel those coupons as soon as I put them in my basket, and put them with my other coupons so I know the cashier will apply them towards my order. Of course the intention of the peelie is to use them on the product you are purchasing today, so if you place all of your products with peelies at the front of your order when checking out and tell the cashier that there are peelie coupons on those products, then that is ideally how these coupons should be redeemed. But, I have many times come home with the peelies still stuck to my purchases, and have never had a problem simply using them on my next purchase. They are still manufacturer’s coupons with an expiration date and a scan bar. So remember to keep your eyes peeled for those peelies!