Thanks to Melissa for inspiring me to round-up some of the recipe booklets I’ve posted in the past. Melissa wrote me to say that she loves getting the free Kraft Food & Family magazine in her mailbox. Me too! I know that the internet is a virtual treasure chest of recipes, but it is still nice to get them arriving in your mailbox as a source of inspiration and for the ease of browsing while away from the computer. So, click away and request some cooking inspiration coming to your mailbox!

Kraft Food & Family magazine – A full-color magazine full of easy to put together meals and treats. You won’t find any coupons in it, but lots of ads for Kraft products (of course). Update: My friend, Lisa, said that they archive the recipes online, so this is also a great online recipe resource! Another Update: Now only available online, they don’t mail this out for free anymore.
Discover Cranberry The Wonderberry (no longer available) – Ocean Spray is one of my favorite companies because they send me free stuff. You can view this recipe booklet as a PDF or request a paper copy. When I got my paper copy, it had a coupon in it (but this was quite awhile ago, so no promises it still includes a coupon!).
Sun-Maid Raisins Recipe booklets – There are 4 different recipe booklets you can request and they all have some unique ideas on changing up your cooking using raisins.
Nutrition for Your Kids booklet – A great 28-page resource for learning more about cancer-preventing foods with some fabulous food art featured. This booklet is offered by The Cancer Project, a non-profit organization.
Campbell’s Soup for Life Plan recipe booklet (no longer available) – Campbell’s wants to mail you this booklet with 17 recipes (each with a photo) with most of them featuring soup as the main ingredient.
Jiffy Mix recipe booklet – Click on “Free recipe book” to request yours – no color photos but tons of recipes!
I’m leaving out a few on purpose because I’ve requested them, but haven’t received them yet! I know there are more great recipe freebies out there, so post a comment about one you’ve gotten if it’s still available to request!