Here is what’s new in the coupon world for this week! This is also a summary of what I’m blogging about this week related to coupons, so it’s a great way to catch-up if you need to. I listed a few of the things I do to save money in Grocery Saving Tips and I’m using to take advantage of digital coupons. Coupons are helping me add to my list of “Things I’ll Never Pay For Again” and helping me save money on diapers. Don’t miss the new $3 Pampers coupon for Target! I encourage you to check out The Grocery Gathering to help you match-up coupons with sales at your store, plus they are having a huge giveaway next week. I’m always thinking that Kroger’s coupon doubling and tripling is going to get me some great deals and freebies, but if you look at the list of what’s FREE at Walmart this week you will realize that you don’t have to get those double and triple coupons to enjoy a good deal. So far I am impressed with the offer to get 400+ prints for free at Arts Cow, and I’ll be reporting back once I get my first 100 free photos in the mail from them (ended up costing me 10 cents a print with shipping). Speaking of photos, I learned that sometimes there are great Shutterfly coupons in the emails. Getting a free subscription to Vive Mejor is a great way to get some coupons for Unilever food products. Enjoy and remember to email me or post a comment when you come across a new printable coupon, or an old one that prints like new again (sometimes they get reset allowing everyone to print again)!

$2.25 on Silk Soymilk – Some people are reporting they are getting this for free, it’s all about using the coupon when it is on sale. You can print this coupon twice (just hit the back button, I always do this until I get the message “Sorry, you have already printed this coupon the number of times allowed”).

$1 on 3 boxes of Barilla Piccolini – plus there is a free book offer with 2 UPCs

$7 on Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner, $3 on two Refills

$1 on LACTAID Milk

$0.55 on Country Crock

Coupons, Inc. List – All of the above coupons are showing up as new this week on this giant list with over 100 “bricks” coupons on it! Don’t worry, I’ll bring you what’s new each and every Thursday in my “Coupons 4 Mom” post.

$1 on Yoplait Yo-Plus Yogurt – You can print this coupon twice, plus there is an offer to try it for free for 10 days if you aren’t satisfied.

$3 on 2 Post-It Flags – Visit Money Saving Mom for the CVS deal on Post-Its this week

B1G1 Free Michelangelo’s Coupons

$1 Almond Accents

$0.75 Hostess 100-calorie packs

$1 KFC Snacker (you can still get this coupon if you haven’t already)

$3 Office Max (your empty ink cartridges can be used as coupons)

$10 off $100 purchase at The Home Depot (details delivered by Thrifty Decorating)

Do you know of any other great printable coupons? Let me know by posting a comment or sending me an email and I’ll try to include them in next week’s roundup!