It’s a wonderful thing to watch your total grocery bill go down when your coupons are applied. And it’s amazing how many different product coupons are out there, you just have to know where to look. I hope that you find my blog helpful in connecting you to new coupons (printables and by mail) that will help you save money.

New Coupons
Not many new coupons this week, I know they are out there but I list them as I discover them.

Pillsbury products, a long list with wide variety of products

Scrubbing Bubbles products
, three different coupons to print

$1 off Scott
Paper Towels or Toilet Paper
Print your coupons now to save money and support my blog. You can also use the purple “Quick Print” widget below my “Hottest 4 Coupons” list as a quicker printing method. Lots of new coupons for October so be sure to check out the list!

Coupon Giveaway
Meet Meg who is blogging her way to early retirement at On Our Way. She is offering a coupon giveawaythat ends today at 3pm! And you just have to check out the funky bowls she created from vinyl records!

Want to share a printable coupon with everyone? Create a text hyperlink or use TinyURL and post the link in the comments. Want me to consider highlighting your coupon giveaway? You’ve got to leave a comment in Tuesday’s “4 Giveaways” because that’s where I will check.