I’ve been winning all kinds of useful prizes.  Remember that persistence is the key to winning – I play almost daily and that’s how I win so often!  It’s fun to share what you’re winning, so please leave a comment on this post!

Luckiest Sweepstakes to Play Daily:
Over 500 winners each day:

Pace Hand-Pick & Win *Quick Entry*
129,000 prizes, win up to 5x, details here
I Love Reese’s *Quick Entry*
10,000 free Reese’s, details here

Over 100 winners each day:

Dove Hair Glee For All *Quick Entry*
11,000+ prizes, mostly free hair products, details here
Cheerios *Quick Entry*
53,600 winners of free box of Cheerios, everyone gets coupons, details here
Over 10 winners a Day:
Nature Valley Get Some Nature *Quick Entry*
4,000 prizes, details here
Safeway Back to School *Quick Entry*
3,500+ prizes of Box Tops for your school, details here
Silk Green Caps *Quick Entry*
1,000+ winners, year’s supply of Silk, details here
Honey Nut Cheerios Non-Challenge *Quick Entry*
3,000 winners, year’s supply of Honey Nut Cheerios, details here
Huggies Enjoy The Ride Rewards Sweeps
You’ve got to enter codes in order to play so it’s not something you can play daily unless you save up your points.  I’ve listed all the Huggies codes here.

What’s New in Sweeps?
I’ve added a note to those sweeps that are *Quick Entry* to help you get the best (and shortest) daily sweeps experience.  The sweeps that allow for multiple entries (like My Coke and Subway) and that have fancy flash graphics that take time to load (or there is no skip option) are sweeps that I often don’t play daily because of the time requirement.  And if you really want to make your daily sweeps experience as efficient as possible- then maximize your time and winning power by entering only the sweeps with over 100 winners daily (currently there are only five).
What did I Win?
Flinch Card Game from Milk the Moment
I actually won the first day I played this sweeps – when sweeps are new your best chance of winning is the first day it starts if it hasn’t been heavily advertised simply because not many people know to enter yet.

SeaPak Spatula
This was a Facebook sweepstakes – not a ton of winner but obviously it wasn’t that hard to win because I heard from several readers who won it too.
What did You Win?
$250 IKEA Gift Card

Jess won this great priz
e from Huggies – the fun thing about the Huggies sweeps is you don’t know if you win the big sweepstakes you enter until your prize arrives on your doorstep.

$100 Cash

Washingtonson won this useful prize playing the Huggies Interactive Game.  This is an instant win game so you find out immediately which prize you won.

What did you win recently? Please leave a comment and share with us!
More sweeps to play
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