Degree MOTIONSENSE™ at Sam's Club

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Has anyone in your household tried Degree MOTIONSENSE™ products? This powerful antiperspirant deodorant for men is designed to protect active bodies by releasing extra protection when you move! It’s the official deodorant of U.S. Soccer. Whether you play sports or workout at the gym, summer is definitely the “season of sweat”! The best way to save money (and stock-up so you don’t run out) is to buy a 4-pack of Degree MOTIONSENSE™ at Sam’s Club. Find your closest Sam’s Club by simply typing in your zipcode or any part of your address.

Degree MOTIONSENSE™ at Sam's Club#DOMORE with Degree MOTIONSENSE™ at Sam’s Club

It pays to plan ahead and stock-up on essentials like antiperspirant deodorant so you can DO MORE without worrying about how you smell as you sweat. Look for 4-packs of Degree MOTIONSENSE™ at your local Sam’s Club so you’re prepared! Have you ever left your house and realized when you got to the gym or your sporting event that you forgot to put on your deodorant? If it’s happened to me, I’m guessing it’s happened to you too – and that’s why I like to stash an extra deodorant in my car or gym bag as a back-up. This 4-pack is perfect for giving you a few extra to stash where you need them – at the office? in your car?

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Degree MOTIONSENSE™ 4-pack at Sam's Club

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