Celebrate the end of the week by browsing Freebie Friday. It’s a weekly list of freebies and freebie events that I contribute to each week on my favorite blog – The Motherload on MomAdvice.com.

My favorite freebie this week is the fragrance offer from Hugo Urban Rules. At first I thought – oh, another “guy thing” – but wait, you get to pick from him or hers fragrances AND you get to send a free sample to a friend! I will tell you I’m having fun with my free fragrance samples (see photo), I collect them in a basket on my vanity and it’s fun to try new fragrances out and makes me feel a little spoiled. And sometimes you get some fabulous samples, like when Clinique sent out little bottles of their Happy fragrance – what a treat!

Speaking of treats, there is always a new treat on The Motherload each week! Amy’s got some great giveaways going on this week. And she’s hoping to inspire you to garden and work on outdoor projects. Happy Freebie Friday!