This offer has ended. Here is a great offer for a free pack of Nad’s Hair Removal Strips ($8.99 value). Obviously this is a promotion with a limited supply (as most freebies are), but I’m hoping some of my readers will get to try it out! The cool thing about Nad’s is that it is chemical-free – I haven’t tried it before but if it’s free, I might be swayed.
Update: Oh, and like magic a new ad for this free sample just appeared over on my BlogHer Ad space. I did check out this offer, and think it is a good one – I’m not just mentioning it because they happen to be running an ad on the BlogHer Ad Network. And just so you know, I don’t get paid by the number of clicks I get on my ads – just based on the number of people who view them. So – click if you want to, don’t click if you don’t want to. All that I ask you to do to support me and my blog is (whispering in your ear) SHARE THE FREEBIES!!
Update 5/10/08: I got my package in the mail! Now, I just have to gather up the courage to try them!
Update 5/18/08: Tried them finally! And I think that getting them for free wasn’t enough, someone should have paid me to endure this torture! Yes, waxing is painful and I’m not sure if my skin will ever forgive me because it is extremely irrated with me now. Well, on the bright side I can call this a lesson learned because I will never be tempted to try waxing again! I know, I’m a wimp – go ahead and way it all you waxing aficionados.