These are the sweeps I’m entering this week, nothing new but you’ve got to be persitent to win. And don’t be discouraged because you may have won already and just don’t know it! Readers keep getting Hanes underwear showing up in their mailbox, you won’t know if you won you’ll just get your undies in the mail! Most sweepstakes don’t draw the winners until after the sweeps has ended, and the prizes don’t get sent out until months later. So be patient, you will probably win one of these since there are so many prizes being given away!


5,000+ Winners in Quaker’s Book of Life

2,000+ Winners in Jelly Belly’s Dream Bean (create a flavor, then play instant win game)

1,000+ Winners in Quaker’s Dream Bag (click on “log in” for a quick entry)

1,000+ Winners in Almond Accents Escape to Tuscany


20,000+ Winners in Hanes Wedgie-Free Wednesday

2,000+ Winners in Nivea’s Bikini Challenge (tip – they send you a weekly email, click on it to enter quickly. It looks like you can only enter this for 4 weeks, so I’m no longer entering)

Good luck!