Dry Sprays at Walmart #TRYSPRAYI’m sorry you missed this freebie, but please check more Free Samples currently available. I’ve got a free full-size Dry Spray for you to try! Pick out which one you’d like to try for free, and Walmart will mail it to you! Watch the short video on How To Use New Dry Sprays and receive a free full-size sample of new Dry Sprays at the end of this short video. You’ll receive in the mail a full-size  freebie ~ just like you’d buy at Walmart! This freebie is yours in just four easy steps:

Step 1 –  Click on the orange arrow to play the short 33-second video

Step 2Click on the orange “Request Sample” button after the video plays

Step 3 –  Fill out the form and pick out the Dry Spray you want to try: Degree Women Fresh Energy, Degree Men Adventure, Dove Women Nourished Beauty, Dove Men Clean Comfort or AXE White Night.

Step 4 – Click on the blue “Send My Sample” button at the bottom of the form to submit your form!

You should receive your freebie  in your mailbox within 4 weeks so that you can #TRYDRY too! Like what you tried for free? You can pickup Dry Sprays for an everyday low price at Walmart.

#TRYDRY Dry Sprays Antiperspirant at Walmart

#TRYDRY and Ditch The Ick

Does your stick deodorant leave an icky residue on your underarms? You need to #TRYDRY Dry Sprays Antiperspirants and experience superior 48-hour protection without any icky residue! Goes on instantly dry so you feel cleaner! Take advantage of this generous full-size free sample offer and look for the new Dry Sprays at your local Walmart. You’ll find Dry Sprays Antiperspirants for both women and men from brands you already know and love:  Dove, Degree and AXE.

#TRYDRY Dry Sprays at Walmart

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