Feast in 15

This free eBook is no longer available but you’ll find more free eBooks here.

I’m making Lemon Pepper Chicken and Vegetables over Couscous for dinner in less than 15 minutes thanks to the Feast in 15 eCookbook  by Tiffany King. Preparing dinner is a race at my house on most days, but we’d rather eat dinner at home before racing off to soccer. Tiffany blogs at Eat at Home and she has inspired me to try new recipes that I can actually get on the dinner table fast enough without throwing my family off-schedule. I can’t remember the last time I prepared couscous and threw some cherry tomatoes in it – but my family loved it because it was something new and healthy! I’ve got Feast in 15 on my iPhone as a Kindle eBook and it’s so handy to have the recipes on my phone for grocery shopping and cooking in the kitchen because my phone is always handy!

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