When you’re looking for a job, you’re eager to add anything to your resume that will help you stand out among the crowd as the ideal candidate for a job. One thing that can help you stand out is having certifications. Where should you put these certifications on your resume? You can add them to your Marketing Skills section or if you have several you can create a new section called Certifications or Continuing Education. You also should add your certifications to your LinkedIn profile. Now many certifications you have to pay for, but I’ve found a few certifications for marketing professionals that are absolutely free!
HubSpot offers 10 certifications – each certification course is a series of videos concluding with an exam
Inbound Certification – this is the first certificate you should try to get that includes 12 classes (should take less than 5 hours)
Social Media Certification
Email Marketing Certification
Inbound Marketing Certification
Content Marketing Certification
HubSpot Marketing Software Certification
Sales Enablement Certification
HubSpot Sales Software Certification
Inbound Sales Certification
Growth-Driven Design Certification
Google Ads Certification – free study materials and there are two exams you need to pass:  Google Ads Fundamentals Assessment and your choice of Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Mobile Advertising Video Advertising or Shopping Advertising (your certification is valid for one year)
Google Analytics Individual Qualification – free courses and study guides to prepare you to take the exam
Bing Ads Accredited Professional – free courses that lead up to a 100 question exam focused on search engine marketing (your certification will be valid for one year)
LinkedIn Learning – free courses (for those with LinkedIn Premium accounts) that when successfully completed appear on your LinkedIn profile so this is a valuable way to get certifications through LinkedIn
SEMrush Academy – free courses you can take, although they don’t lead to a certification they do have exams to take so you can always list them on your resume in a Continuing Education section

Do you know of any other FREE certifications that are useful for marketing professionals?