Sorry, this book is no longer free!  Download your free novel “Daring Chloe” (a $11.99 value) by Laura Jensen Walker.  This Kindle book wasn’t always free – it used to sell for $11.99.  Usually free book promotions like this don’t last long before they return to their original price.  I found this book because it’s in the top 10 Bestsellers in Kindle Store.

Wait – you don’t need a Kindle to read this digital book!  I read Kindle books on my iPhone.  Just download the application you need, it’s totally free:
Kindle for iPhone or iPod Touch
Kindle for Blackberry (coming soon)
Kindle for PC
Kindle for Mac (coming soon)

What other free Kindle digital books are available? Check out all of the FREE Kindle fiction books and consider it your digital library where there is never a late fee.

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