Still available do to download to your computer, but the free Kindle download has been delayed until February due to technical problems. I’ll post it as soon as I can get it! You can download the novel “Eye of the God” by Ariel Allison for free and read it on your computer (it’s a Scribd download). This free download is available thru Tuesday, January 11.  If you read Kindle eBooks then you’ll get a free Kindle download from January 12 thru 19 and I’ll post that on Wednesday.

The novel Eye of the God is described as: “When international jewel thieves attempt to steal the Hope Diamond from the Simthsonian Institute, only Dr. Abigail Mitchell stands in their way. Abby soon realizes she alone holds the pieces to the complicated puzzle in this deadly game. It is in this context that her faith will be put to the ultimate test as she confronts the father who abandoned her, the betrayal of the only man she has ever loved, and the possibility that she may lose her life because of the legendary gem.”

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