These samples are no longer available. Do you know some Spanish? I know I have some Spanish-speaking readers, and some readers who at least have taken a few Spanish classes. If you know enough Spanish to fill out a free sample form, then you might be interested in requesting some of these free samples from Unilever and Univision:

Dove go fresh Body Mist (pick Cool Essentials or Energizing)
includes a $1 coupon

Dove go fresh Energize Shampoo & Conditioner
includes a $2 coupon

Degree Women Ultra Clear deodorant (Clear Rain)
includes a $1 coupon

Pond’s rejuveness
includes a $1.50 coupon

Unilever is great about sending out free samples and coupons, you might also be interested in their free English/Spanish magazine called Vive Mejor, it always comes with great coupons.